Zoom Magic at Home

An Evening With the Village Wizard

This fun, family friendly, show welcomes you into The Village Wizard’s private tower where you will experience stories, poetry, and mysteries which may even amaze the Wizard himself.

You and your guests will be invited to actively participate in a world where minds can reach out through time and space, the laws of physics are really just guidelines, and magic can happen in your own home.


Fairy Dust and Fireflies

Join us for a show designed for dreamers, children, and the young at heart who love hunting for fairies in the garden and listening for the sound of bells tinkling in the wind. The Merchant of Miracles will be joined by one of the fair folk who will help him do some marvelous things. He may even be able to arrange for a sprite to visit a lucky child and leave a little keepsake.

This show is fun, silly, and wonderfully sincere. Friends of the Fae will be charmed and enchanted by this unabashedly sentimental look a the magic of the wee folk.